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The Show :

These dogs perform their gravity defying tricks to music. The performances are approximately 30 to 40 minute shows. And we can do 2 to 3 shows a day.
The show includes up to 6 world class k-9 Frisbee Athletes.
The crowd is invited to meet the K-9 athletes and their trainer after the shows.
These high flying K-9’s absolutely steal the show and capture the hearts of young and old everywhere
The show also acknowledges the importance of pet adoption. Nutrition, exercise, and positive reinforcement training.
These dogs have all been rescued from animal shelters or from individuals looking to place their dogs in a good home.

Past Shows:
Steelers, Eagles, Jets, Giants, Vikings, Bengal’s, Green Bay Packers, Panthers, Lions, Redskins, Falcons, Raiders, Rams, Buccaneers, Colts, Dolphins, Browns, Bronco’s.
Plus AFC and NFC playoff games

College ball:
Buffalo U, Virginia U.

Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, U Notre Dame, Michigan State, Kent U. Wakeforest, Western Michigan, U of Marlin, U of Buffalo, Fort Wayne Furry, Rockers, Michigan Mayhem and Iowa U.

Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, Erie Sea Wolves, Buffalo Bison’s, Jamestown Jammers, Harrisburg Senators, Vermont Expos, , Nashville Sounds, Elizithen Twins, Bristol White Sox’s, Elmira Pioneers, Williams Port Cross Cutter, Kings Port Mets.

FAIRS AND Festivals:
US Polo Championship, Pittsburgh 3 River’s Regatta, Peek-N- Peek Fall Fest, Harbor Fest, Camden Park, Pittsburgh Pet Expo, Erie Outdoors, Wilkes-Barre Pet Expo, Erie Pet Expo, K-9 Fun Days, Things That Fly Festival, Cleveland Fair, Cleveland Outdoor Sportsman’s Show, Harrisburg Pro Rodeo, Michigan County Fair.

MTV, ESPN, Animal Planet, Jerome Betts Show, Monday Night Football, Comedy Channel.
Spots Illustrated, Newspapers and News clips from coast to coast.