Dog Bio's

Check out a brief discription of our K-9 athlete's

Team Bio.



Bandit- Is a Australian Shepherd who got his name from his former owner, because of the black bands around his eyes. Who has several tricks in his bag and is the only dog who throws the Frisbee back to Tad!

Missy the Missile- is a Sheltie mix who is know for her high flying chest and back vaults. Was adopted from the Crawford County Humane Society.

Boris the Junk Yard Dog- is a cattle dog mix, one of the highest leaping Frisbee dogs in the world. who’s former job was 3rd shift guard at an auto salvage yard.

Rocket- Terrier mix, a little dog that can get some big air.

Stocker the Frisbee Ranger- Is a young Border collie who looks like Sprite the "Super dog".
And is working  on some of her big air tricks.

Jumping Jack the Maniac- a Jack Russell that is totally out of control and always a crowd favorite.

Snowy- AKA- White Lighting is our smallest jack Russell. She is our show MC. She talks on the mic welcoming the crowd. And also does killer flips.

Rowdy- Is a border collie mix known for his exceptional speed and long distance catches.